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Captured Gaze by genni Captured Gaze by genni
Medium: graphite
Tools: Staedtler Mars Lumograph Graphite pencils (HB-8B), kneaded eraser, illustration board, tissue paper
Size: 11X14"
Time: 7-8 hrs
Description: This is a drawing done from a combination of two photos I took of my sister and I. I really wanted to 'capture the viewers gaze' by creating an intense focus on the eyes. The title is a play on words in a sense. The gaze of my sister and I is essentially captured by the camera and then captured through my pencils, but hopefully our gaze, in turn, captures all of your gazes as well. I had fun with this one, the illustration board surface was pain and the camera didn't accurately pick up the correct shading tonal values so it's a bit warped compared to the original, but I'm happy with it.

You can see a WIP of this in my scraps as well
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4mel1e Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This looks like a photograph!
ejicvtumane Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011
Wow! That's just great)
KASHAfrica Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
I was staring at the eyes for like an hour wondering why I suck so much at eyes compared to and then I saw the scarf and then I started hating you :)... but seriously this is really amazing
Sarahh94 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Love it. The scarf looks so real! At first glance I thought it was a photo. Nicely done.
r4ng3-hustle Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
the scarf is so awesome, the rest of the drawing aswell... but i find it more difficult to make a scarf look realistic than a person..

jpfeasy Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2009
LaediOfArt Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2009
4 years ago... WHERE R U MANN ?!!! i hope ur ok cuz man I would LOVE 2 see some recent stuff that u've been working on. ur work is FAB!!
your work is amazing- i had to enlarge the images to check if they were photographs or drawings, because the detail in the drawings is so spectacular!
THEteamkidd Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2009
I must say,Without a doubt.YOU Are the best artist I have seen on DA.
666thSystemOfChaos Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
wow even fullsize it looks like a photo... kinda like u took a photo and added filters with gimp r somethin.... (thats a compliment btw) very nice....
dungfreak Featured By Owner May 4, 2009
whoa, man. I thought this was a photo.Turbular
yuki-zadkiel-07 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
amazing! u did a great job! :D
dllavaneras Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Simply breathtaking! =)
missmichelle29 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2008   Photographer
i definitely thought this was a photo when i looked at the thumbnail. amazing work!
papermask Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2008
i thought that this was a photograph. wow.
Kajuah Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2007   Interface Designer
this drawing is superb, the detail immaculate especially around the scarf and fingers.

the only thing that bothers me is the first person; the angle of which she is looking. The face seems too frontal, both eyes are nearly symmetrical in position. I'm losing the feeling of the 3rd dimension. Eh ..something about it, can't put my finger on it maybe not that but the nose ?.. maybe it's the nose that challenges the perspective. There's a little something in her face, anyway, that contridicts the idea that she's a 3D figure and not just a drawing. I can see it perfectly, the 3 dimension, in her friend (on the right) but she ..just doesn't seem to fit somehow i'm not sure

do you know what i mean?
Pheion Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2007   Photographer
this is amazing. I love the eyes the best. You've got a lot of talent. ^__^
E777Y Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2007
i cannot believe this
wotanist Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2007
Truely a masterpiece.
Sarnika Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2007
You are sooo good, congratulations. I would like to be as good as you are... your drawing looks so real, and the scarf is amazing. i dont know how you did a job as good as this... nyways, congrats
suz57xo Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow... how can u put up with all teh detailedness of everything. it's amazing.
TheeLit Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2006  Professional Photographer
that's fabulous! i thought it was a real photograph from the thumbnail. it certainly does capture my gaze, especially the scarf! the texture is spot on! i'm really, really, impressed by this one
my-velvet-shoes Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2006
I adore this, you've done an amazing job..
superpower-pnut Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006
The one on the left reminds me of the infamous Afghan girl from NatGeo....same intensity. Cool!
valhallaskeeper Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2005
Petronas Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2005
great work, i love the eyes of the left one =)
that inspired me !
where are my pencils?!
jetmise Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
what a perfect rendering. I love your attention to detail and the tones are just perfect. the contrasts make it really realistic as well. I love the choice of reference pic too.
sandraholmbom Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2005
You are so talented! This drawing is woderful :)
MirokuPlushie Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2005
Oh my goodness, this is what I like to call picture-perfect. It's excellent! I'm so jealous...this is exactly how I want to be able to draw.
gumelf Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2005
absolutally beautiful picture.. well drawing.. it really does look like a actualy photograph.. congradulations... (if thats what u were looking for lol)
cfitzart Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2005   Traditional Artist
wow thats amazing!! so lifelike, especially the gaze!
im-jess Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is technically brilliant, i know how hard this would have been, my god that scarf!! you always inspire me gen :glomp:
DreamsInGreen Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2005   Photographer
613flavah Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2005
absolutely stunning. Great work
ShredHed Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2005  Professional Artist
very very nice work!! :D Someone who draws portraits like I do :D
Runemagius Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2005
fantastic job on the wool weave. Very beleiveable.
pneumothorax Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2005
yeah you are right, the eyes are really intense !
truley a wonderful work !
kuza-san Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2005  Student
Tre Cool.
go1anssj Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2005
U're abilities as an artist never cease to amaze me, excellent image, gets two thumbs up
Baldassarre Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2005
it looks like a photo... well done ;)
elenrandir Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2005  Student
the texture on the scarf looks beautiful
star234gurl Featured By Owner May 21, 2005
beautiful! try not to make any lines though, (like in the top of that cloth thingy) even if the shadows are..basically lines, dont make them lines. at least think *im making a shape, not a line* when yur drawing in thin shadows like that, cuz itll definitely show in the final product.
rankleatedot Featured By Owner May 7, 2005
I always love how you do clothes and the textures. It's amazing!
laure8354 Featured By Owner May 5, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
This is really awesome! I love how lifelike your drawings are! :nod: You just really pay attention to detail and that's awesome! You have a really good tonal range in this... even though you were working from a picture (which my Professors at school always insist that we never do that, but we do it anyway lol), you really can't tell much at all. And you definitely captured the effect that you wanted with the eyes. If I were a professor I would give you an A++ :rofl: :slow:... I know I'm a total dork. lol But yeah anyways, this is amazing... you have a great talent! :D
yourSecondBrain Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2005   Photographer
damn, that detail is just fantastic. you can easily see the look in their eyes.. hey are so beautiful drawn.
angeleyes25 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2005
wow.. very beautifully drawn.. like it so much. good job!! :)
hoodielove Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2005
Beautiful. Your skill with graphite never ceases to amaze. Keep it up.
futurethoughts Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2005
great depth.
whoneedstheradio Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2005
This is stunning. I had to zoom in to believe that this wasn't a photograph.
Amazing work!!
redzkull Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2005
So much talent... *tear_falls_down_his_sheek*
Words can't describe how much I admire your work.
Keep it right up :thumbsup: :+favlove:
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